July 30, 2011

Vote: Rockstar for President!

I'm not going to begin with an apology because I'm pretty sure I said I would stop commenting on how long it has been since my last post but wow has it been a long time since I last posted. I hope to return to regular posts soon - it's time I updated you on my world assuming "you" are out there (anyone? Anyone?!) That being said I'm suddenly busier than ever so 'regular' certainly won't be daily. I can't sort out how the mamas out there with a pile of kids, jobs (whether out of the home or in) and no nanny/cleaning lady/butler/man slave, manage to blog regularly. *sigh* Maybe I'll sort it out eventually.

In the meantime do me a huge favor please and vote for my sweet little man!! A local photographer is running a contest and the baby with the most votes wins a family photo shoot. She's an amazing photographer and I would LOVE some family portraits taken this fall, a free shoot would be amazing, don't you think??

I entered the photo above (without the text) and obviously he's the cutest baby ever (and no I'm not biased) but unfortunately it's a popularity contest so the most votes wins. Basically the person with the most friends or friends who are willing to vote daily will take the main prize but we're trying anyway. My husband had a great idea and if you ever decide to run a contest I think you should take his idea and run with it: run a popularity vote to determine the top ten or even five entries and then have a panel judge for the final winner. Geesh, where was Mike when the contest was being organized?! ;)

If you have a moment please click HERE and vote for the Rockstar on Nova Photography's facebook page.