July 31, 2009

Now You See Him...

Now you don't...

Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist with some serious talent. Check out more of his camouflage art here.

July 19, 2009

Fallen Princesses

Dina Goldstein's photo essay Fallen Princesses was mentioned over at How About Orange and I had to share it with you. What a fantastic idea! How do you think the Disney princesses would handle reality?

Fab Pick of Last Week

is a fantastic little shop that has a plethora of things that make me go OH! Not only are the designs in this shop stellar, they're made here in Canada which makes them extra fabulous in my books.

If I had a little girl this super sweet Rockabilly Cupcake wall art would be hanging on her wall. I'm all over the customized tattoo style hearts as well - a perfect wedding gift!
Be sure to slip over to Beepart's Etsy shop to see all the funky designs available.

Speedy Gone Talksalot

I'm heading into the second and final week of the Literacy Booster Camp I'm working at this summer. Our little charges are very sweet and we have managed to trick them into thinking Reading Camp is fun, unlike school, phew!

My fav line so far came from a little guy named Blake who stared at me in wide eyed awe before spitting out, "WOW! And I thought I could talk fast!" At least he commented on my speed and not the amount of talking I do.

One more week of camp and then I need to get cracking on the 8 zillion things I hope to accomplish this summer. Anyone feel like painting the house for us?

July 8, 2009

Ultimate in Quality

We escaped for a weekend getaway in Toronto that truly was Ultimate in Quality.

Used travelzoo.com to snag an excellent deal at the Hyatt Regency downtown T.O. We will definitely return to travelzoo as well as this particular hotel - how can you resist a sweet rooftop pool?

Spent Sunday at the Zoo watching the monkeys and wished we had a super zoom. I fell for this guy but felt sorry for him, doesn't he look sad?

Monday we hit Canada's Wonderland and felt like we were 15 again. Good times!

This summer is certainly off to a fabulous start!

Welcome Home Sistah-from-another-Mistah

My girlie girl Tanya from the 'Cow' (add M-o-s to that and you'll get it if you don't already) is home and I'm loving every moment I have with her.

Time is flying of course, she's been here for two weeks already, but we're making the most of the time. Lots of talking, gelato and games of Scrabble: life is good. Looking forward to tomorrow when we head to the Kink to visit Kim and the beautiful new addition Jade.

It's fabulous having you home Miss. T! I've missed you more than you know!

July 7, 2009

Fab Pick of Last Week

This sexy swimsuit named Absinthe by Drama Queen was featured in a Treasury created by the fabulous ladies at Eterknity. I love the retro style suits found in this stellar shop - check out the red polka dot number, it's super sweet!

July 3, 2009

Welcome to the World Baby Ben

Introducing my latest creation: Baby Ben.

This fabulous diaper bag is fully lined with waterproof nylon making it super easy to clean.

Baby Ben has an adjustable shoulder strap, two side pockets including a holster for a blackberry, two flat front pockets, one huge zip pocket on the back and 5 elasticized interior pockets.

Thanks to Kendra and the real life baby Ben for this custom order! I'm loving this design and can't wait to make another.