June 20, 2010

Two Days Past Due

Well the wee man's due date has come and gone... I was hoping he might make an appearance today as a Father's Day prezzie for his daddy but it's not looking or feeling like that's going to happen. Tomorrow is the 21st which is the date that Mike has been 'forecasting' since the beginning so fingers crossed! I see my OB tomorrow anyways and he agreed that he will help the little guy along if I make it in to the appointment.

We just found out that Mike will be having surgery FINALLY on his very broken foot (it has been 10 months now) on July 12th so we would like the baby to be here a few weeks to give us a chance to become somewhat comfortable with this whole new parenting thang before Mike is knocked off his feet for a couple months. Thankfully my OB agreed that this would be a good thing.

Everyone says that nesting kicks in just before the baby arrives and I have definitely had a sudden burst of energy. I'm not a big fan of cleaning but the house has been vacuumed more in the last week than it ever has and the floors have been mopped, the freezers are stocked and laundry is done... I could clean cupboards but I'd rather poke my eyes out so instead I've been sewing.

I finally made a minky blankie for our boy using this super sweet alien fabric. I whipped up a peanut burp cloth and bib to match. I'm hoping to snag some more of this print for future baby gifts - it's so cute! A pile of other little bibs and burp cloths have been sewn this week, a few for our little man and a bunch for gifts.

Oh and I made a mini wet bag for our cloth diapers to tuck in our diaper bag! I'm really happy with the bag: it's lined with white PUL and the exterior is an awesome birdie print (as you can see). I love this print and the sprinkle of pink birds and the bright pink zipper are a girlie addition for Mommy's sake.

Now everyone repeat after me: COME OUT AND PLAY, LITTLE BABY!!!!!!!

June 15, 2010

The Shoe Collecting Has Started Already!!

Daddy loves shoes and it looks like our little man is going to be competing with with him to see who can own the most pairs. The little bum has yet to arrive and his collection is larger than mine!

I started planning and cutting bits out to make a hanging shoe organizer for the wee man a few months back and let me tell you this was the most frustrating sewing project I've taken on yet. Sewing with this plastic was a royal pain in the butt - my teflon foot worked wonders but the plastic kept sticking to itself and to the plastic casing of my machine: annoying!!

Frustration aside I'm SUPER happy with the finished project and stoked that I completed it before the baby's birthday! I love the map print fabric I found at a local fabric store: our little boy is going to stomp all over the world with his sweet little feet.

Now I'm off to make a baby blanket, hopefully I can finish it before the big arrival!

June 13, 2010

Belly Pics!

We had belly shots taken a couple weeks ago: I was almost 37 weeks on the day of the shoot. Lorie from Emilly Grayce Photography did a FANTASTIC job, she came to our home and made us completely comfortable during the session. It was fun working with Lorie, we can't wait to see the rest of the photos and look forward to having her take our wee man's newborn photos after he arrives.

Here are a few of the shots she has shared with us so far.

I'll share some more pics once we get our paws on them but if you want to check out a few more pop over HERE.


I'm trying to stock the freezer with quick meals and snacks for when the babe arrives, which should be any day now! I thought I would share a couple recipes that I tried this week. The Rotisserie Chicken from Once a Month Mom is AWESOME and super easy, all you need is a crock pot, some balled up tin foil and whatever spices you like on chicken. The result after 6 hours was a super moist and delicious mini chicken, the remains were used to make a yummy chicken soup which has been divided into freezer containers and tucked away for quick lunches. I bought another chicken and put it in the freezer for an easy to make hot meal during the crazy new parents and baby phase.

I froze muffins this week as well (chocolate chip and banana). After reading great reviews of this Banana Sour Cream Bread recipe I decided to make the mix into both loaves and muffins. The big oops of this recipe was me forgetting the SOUR CREAM that is clearly stated in the name of the recipe. Duh. Blaming it on baby brain (once again). Thankfully the final results still taste good! They're a little dense but still yummy. I'll have to try this recipe again but next time I'll add the main ingredient.

Fab Pick of...Too Long Ago

I've been hunting for a shelf for my sewing room and I think I've found the store to buy one from! Check out Old New Again's etsy shop for FABULOUS shelves and other funky old bits made... you guessed it: new again.