June 13, 2010

Belly Pics!

We had belly shots taken a couple weeks ago: I was almost 37 weeks on the day of the shoot. Lorie from Emilly Grayce Photography did a FANTASTIC job, she came to our home and made us completely comfortable during the session. It was fun working with Lorie, we can't wait to see the rest of the photos and look forward to having her take our wee man's newborn photos after he arrives.

Here are a few of the shots she has shared with us so far.

I'll share some more pics once we get our paws on them but if you want to check out a few more pop over HERE.

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Kimber said...

Love, love, love these Jaime. Makes my heart happy. (0:

As for the trick to fulfilling EI, you have to have a total of 600 hours accumulated to qualify for mat leave #2. I worked 5 weeks, took 6 weeks vacation, and then started my Mat leave early in order to take advantage of my company's extra 6 week sick leave. All in all, it adds up to the magic 600! Baby number two will get a little shortchanged next year when I have to go back to work a bit early, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.