June 15, 2010

The Shoe Collecting Has Started Already!!

Daddy loves shoes and it looks like our little man is going to be competing with with him to see who can own the most pairs. The little bum has yet to arrive and his collection is larger than mine!

I started planning and cutting bits out to make a hanging shoe organizer for the wee man a few months back and let me tell you this was the most frustrating sewing project I've taken on yet. Sewing with this plastic was a royal pain in the butt - my teflon foot worked wonders but the plastic kept sticking to itself and to the plastic casing of my machine: annoying!!

Frustration aside I'm SUPER happy with the finished project and stoked that I completed it before the baby's birthday! I love the map print fabric I found at a local fabric store: our little boy is going to stomp all over the world with his sweet little feet.

Now I'm off to make a baby blanket, hopefully I can finish it before the big arrival!

1 comment:

Kimber said...

Okay, the teeny funky flip flops are the best!!!

You could make a million with this idea you know!I would LOVE a shoe organizer for Jady lady some day. She has quite the collection too. I never realized her Grandma Lowry was such a shoe-hound. (0: