July 8, 2009

Welcome Home Sistah-from-another-Mistah

My girlie girl Tanya from the 'Cow' (add M-o-s to that and you'll get it if you don't already) is home and I'm loving every moment I have with her.

Time is flying of course, she's been here for two weeks already, but we're making the most of the time. Lots of talking, gelato and games of Scrabble: life is good. Looking forward to tomorrow when we head to the Kink to visit Kim and the beautiful new addition Jade.

It's fabulous having you home Miss. T! I've missed you more than you know!


Kimber said...

Twas great having you here...Jade wore her funky new outfit to the hockey party and was the chicest baby there! (Okay, she was the only baby there, but she looked darned good)

Come back soon!

tanzi said...

Sooooooo missing you right now!!!

tanzi said...

...and I really hope the letters I used don't spell "VD"!!!

Gingham Skies said...

Oh I SO wish they did! Lol!