September 5, 2007

Back to reality and not pregnant thank you very much

First day back to the grind yesterday and two words can describe my thoughts regarding my return to work: 6am sucks. I'm tired, have suffered two sicko headaches and am feeling the nasty woman in me stirring and it's only day 2. I'll have to figure out how many days until next summer vacation, that should cheer me up. I usually pay attention to the number come march break but a friend of mine will have it sorted out already so I'll find out from her and let you know since I know you're dying to hear when poor me will be released for my next 2 month holiday. muah ha ha ha ha. evil you say? yep.

Tanya picked me up yesterday and the first thing I said to her (following our unison groan of self-pity) was that I wore the wrong shirt for the first day of school. Someone posted on our school message board that a mystery person is expecting and bonehead Jaime decides to wear a shirt that makes her look pregnant on the first day back from summer holidays. Dumb dumb dumb.

The first person I saw inside the school told me I was radiant (aka glowing), I replied with "thanks but I'm not pregnant". He tried to backpedal but it was too late and I assured him that I wasn't insulted because I was wearing a puffy shirt that could easily be mistaken for a maternity top and knew how it looked. Throughout the day two other teachers came straight out and asked me if I was pregnant - both of them were bubbling with happiness when they asked, big ass grins plastered on their faces. oh boy. The finale was a lovely woman coming up to me to congratulate me following the staff meeting. Argh.

The good thing is that I recognized my mistake before I walked into the school; if I had NOT realized that the shirt I wore could be mistaken for a maternity shirt I would have ended the day with one very bruised ego. Rather than being insulted I had a good giggle about it.

The moral of this story:
If you are having a crap day and want people to be nice to you tell them you're pregnant. When I announced I was engaged people looked genuinely happy for me but just by looking pregnant I had colleagues bubbling with happiness, grinning from ear to ear and rushing to congratulate me.

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