January 30, 2008

Welcome to the World!

A gigantic congratulations filled with love and good wishes to Cara & Herwig!! They are the proud parents of a lovely baby girl. Yes that's right, a GIRL. Everyone was wrong, nobody guessed a girl. Well that's not entirely true, a few weeks ago Cara had her first "feeling on the babies sex" and she said she thought she was having a girl - mommy's instincts were right.

She was born last night around 1030pm EST, weighs in at "7 lbs something" and is 53 cm long. When I spoke to Cara they had not fully decided on her name so I won't post that info until I know for sure. Unfortunately I won't be able to see the little babe for a few months (she's across the country) but I'll be sure to share pics when they are sent my way.

Now I have an excuse to shop for cute girlie baby fabrics!


Anonymous said...

MMM......do I hear baby sundresses in that blog?

Jaime said...

Oh yes! Most definitely; I guess I'll have to start looking for patterns.

Stacy said...

Congratulations to your friend (family?)!

Just a suggestion, coming from a mom of a girl, they really can't comfortably wear dresses until they start walking. I know some people still do, so if Cara wants to, she's the mommy! They have a hard time crawling in dresses and when they are being held all the time the dresses get all bunched up. Once they start walking, though...the game is ON! :)

I think Anya wore skirts or dresses all summer for the last two years, since she started walking in June '06. She didn't have many shorts, that is for sure. Dresses and skirts are fun and usually pretty easy to make. Have fun with it!

Jaime said...

Cara's one of my very best girlfriends. Good point about the dress! I hadn't thought about that and it's so true, they get all caught up in the skirt and end up on their nose don't they?

Hmmm... blankies and bibs maybe?

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

I have two words....
receiving blankets.