December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Bro!!

My big brother turns 44 today. Happy Birthday John!

Did I say 44? I meant 34. Seriously, he's 34 going on 14.

On this date many years ago (for MANY years in a row) John would be threatening to tell me what all of my Christmas gifts were if I didn't tell him one or two of his. He couldn't handle not knowing and I loved being surprised. Of course the reality was he would have never told me what my presents were but I was convinced he would ruin it for me so I would always give in and tell him a gift or two.

As if you really needed me to tell you John! You were the master present opener and re-sealer. There was just one year I gave in and looked with you and I totally regretted it on Christmas morning.

Although you are were a total pain in the ass big brother who looked out for me rather than buying me vodka and cigarettes - what nerve!! And even though we could have been aired on UFC on more than one occasion - I so did NOT throw a knife at you, you simply imagined that... or maybe I blocked it out? I have loads of fond memories of us growing up and I love you more than you know John. I am lucky to have you as a big brother and I'm lucky to have you as a friend now that we are bigger kids adults. and I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you, you are an amazing man and a phenomenal father.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday bro! May all of your birthday wishes come true.

Oh and I made you a little something for your birthday - everyone feel free to check this out and have a good laugh on John's expense. John this is what you will look like if you let yourself go a little... okay, a lot. Go Bro, it's your birthday!


John said...

First off, thanks kid, I too am lucky to have you as a little sister, thanks for the good wishes.

To set the record straight, I never unwrapped any gifts except one over all of the years, I found all the others before Mom and Dad had the chance to wrap them. The one I unwrapped was just a confirmation to what my thinking it actually was, that's all. I knew anyways but had to be sure.

Second, you are right, you never threw a steak knife at me, you held it in your hand and stabbed me, while it was only a scratch yes there was no blood and you cried like a baby when I threatened to tell mom and fact I believe that was the same fight I had hid my tape recorded and taped you swearing like a drunken sailor and threatened to play it for mom and dad, that could have been when you pulled the knife or it was another brawl who knows.

Take care sis.


Jaime said...

Lol! Me?! Swearing like a drunken sailor? Whatever are you speaking of?

I do remember the tape... I also remember spending many brief moments hunting for it with the hope of destroying the evidence that you OFTEN threatened me with.

Rebecca was there for the tape incident I think so maybe she can shed some light on the knifing incident which I still don't remember... must have blocked it out - wonder why? Can you say PSYCHO SISTER?!

Thanks for the comment John, it made me laugh pretty hard.