May 6, 2010

Down with the Dandies

I think dandelions have something magical about them, the little fluff balls are beautiful especially close up. I love plucking the biggest and fluffiest from other people's lawns and then making a wish and blowing as hard as I can... The key words in that last sentence: other people's lawns.

I have spent the last week plucking dandelions off our front lawn. I'm in full fledged nesting mode and since it has been so beautiful out I've been taking advantage of the weather and spending an hour after work each day tearing these nasty weeds out of our grass. Before we owned a house of our own I never understood why people bothered to pull them, then we bought a house and ended up with a dandelion infestation and I fully understood why people painstakingly pull the little buggers: they take over and destroy the soft grass I love to walk on barefoot, leaving rough patches of nastiness. Down with the dandelions!!

The backyard needs some serious work but the front is looking fab thanks to my pulling and Mike's mad raking. What a pair we are: Snap Foot with the rake and Preggo with the dandelion torture device. I'm loving this early summerish weather (a very rare treat in southern Ontario), now if only the weather man could be wrong about the prediction of frost this weekend.

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