August 16, 2010

Dynamic Duo

I'm amazed at how fast the days fly by since our boy entered our world, it's kind of scary. I'm going to try to post a little more regularly now that we are getting into a routine around here and now that the swing is the Rockstar's friend. All should bow to the creator of the little lamb baby swing.

NOTE: HA! I wrote that paragraph a week ago, our daytime 'routine' seems to change every day which I guess means it's not really a routine yet. We'll get there eventually!

Today marks the first day of the second week my little man and I are a duo for the day!

It has been such a busy couple of months that I haven't even taken the time to explain that Mike has been home with us since the day the Rockstar was born. He took two weeks off to stare at our boy, went back to work for one day and then had the surgery that he has been waiting 10 months for. It has been a crazy homebound summer with a new baby and a barely mobile husband but it has been fantastic having Mike around so much. He is now working from home until he gets the okay to return to the office. Fingers crossed that his appt goes well tomorrow, assuming it does then he'll move into a walking boot and begin his mobility recovery.

I'm now getting a taste of the reality of weekday mommyhood: so far so good! I've managed to shower most days and slapped three coats of oil on our new deck last week while the Rockstar practiced kickboxing (another shout out, this one to Baby Einstein and their playgym/mat thingo). The little man LOVES being outside and spent the entire time smiling and 'talking' to his toys and me. Yes we FINALLY have a full deck out back (five years after moving in) and it looks amazing - I'll post pics once it is all done..

I'm going to post this puppy now or it may never happen and then maybe, just maybe I'll get to cutting some fabric for one of a million projects I'd like to get going on. Christmas isn't too far away and I would REALLY like to make a pile of prezzies and for the remaining gifts I'm hoping to buy mostly homemade: gotta love Etsy!

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