March 11, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge Love

Time to pass out some love to the Iron Craft participants. Here are my favourite projects from challenge number 9 and 10.

Top picks from challenge #9 'and the Oscar goes to'


Not only are these paper flowers stunning there is something extra special about them. They were made from war veteran's uniforms that were turned into paper (called combat paper) as part of PTSD therapy. Read more at the flower creator's blog Ferntree Studio. Oh and the additional extra special thing: these combat paper flowers were created to be used in corsages that were worn to the Oscar's this year by a few key players from the movie Poster Girl!

Kill Bill: Sword Push Pins

More love for Paper, Plate and Plane. I love her creations!! Kill Bill inspired push pins: brilliant. A tutorial is available for these awesome little swords over at the Paper, Plate and Plane blog.

IC9- The Oscars

I had no trouble guessing that Black Swan inspired this beautiful project. I was impressed with the simplicity of this stunning craft (feathers in a glass display seems easy enough) and then I read the description: the feathers are made from card stock! Gorgeous!

My top three picks from this week's Fat Quarter challenge.


Dr. Russ does it again. Another beautiful project! A paper backed fabric piece looks stunning inserted into the top of this wooden box.

Woodland Matching Game

Adorable fabric matching game by All Things Belle. I've seen various tutorials for these sweet homemade matching games but this one means doesn't involve a sewing machine. Love it!

Iron Craft 310

Thing 1 and Thing 2 created these fantastic fabric covered composition books. Great gift idea!


Dr. Russ said...

Thank you for the shout out. The fabric is called Sofia for the Alexander Henry Fashion for Home Collection (2007).

Just to let you know, the box is handmade is well. It is made out of Davey Board and assembled by hand.

Gingham Skies said...

Of course!
Thank YOU for the fabric info, it's a gorgeous print.
Wow I didn't realize the box itself was made by you: very impressive!