April 28, 2011

It's About Time

I can't believe I FINALLY did it!! I sewed a piece of clothing for myself and not only does it fit: it looks cute! I have one final thing to do before sharing the details with you. I intend to finish up tomorrow and will have Mike snap some pics of my creation on Saturday so I can post. I can't believe I didn't take the plunge sooner: this little project has given me the itch to make more and the itch is going to be scratched with today's free pattern over at Grosgrain. The knot shorts by Elsie Marley are adorable!! My only issue is the length... I think the knot might look odd on a long pair of shorts but I don't want to go Daisy Duke short either. What to do, what to do...

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Manager to Mom said...

Hey J! Wanted to let you know I've chosen you to receive "The Versatile Blogger" award! I love browsing your craft projects, menu planning posts and (of course) all the ultra-cute pics of the Rockstar! Take a look here:

Now we just need you to come back and write more! ;)