December 8, 2012

Tattoo Love/Hate Relationship

I love tattoos. Unfortunately I have one that I hate.  When I was in grade eleven I went with a good friend to a tattoo shop on our lunch hour and we chose a cheesy hand drawn sun off the wall (it looked like a 4 year old had drawn it with all squiggly lines and a happy face on it).  Yep, it took me 15 minutes to decide what I was going to have placed permanently on my lower back: brilliant.  

About ten years ago I had my sun covered up by someone at a great shop who had a good portfolio. I took a lot of time to decide on my final piece.  I chose to have my parents favourite flowers and the word family cover the sun.  You should be able to look at my back and spot a hollyhock and a violet... a friend asked me last week if I had the anatomy of a heart on my back and she was serious *sigh*  

In retrospect I think I should have asked to see more shots of her cover up work rather than relying on the artists original designs. My sun had loads of black lines so yes she had a tougher piece to work with BUT seriously, the anatomy of a heart?! 

Tattly is an awesome online shop that sells totally affordable temporary tattoos for grown ups and kids too!! Why didn't Tattly exist in 1996?!  Here are a few of my favourites from the shop... pop over and check out the other designs.  

be happy
 I plan to treat myself to some Tattly 'ink' in the not too distant future. My son is always changing his tattoos so why shouldn't Mama sport some too?

I know I'm not the only one who has a tattoo they regret, do you have one you love or hate?

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Lois said...

Love the ribbon tattoo.