October 27, 2007

Party Like Rock Star

Happy Birthday on monday to Jackie! We celebrated in style friday night - well maybe not in style but we definitely celebrated. I haven't been out to a club since the spring and today I'm thinking the same thing I think every other time we go out: I can't do it like I used to. This is probably a good thing, if I partied like I did in the good ole days I would be a haggard mess. Thankfully I don't and I'm not.

Went to Pho Dau Bo for dinner and it was yum yum yummy! Thai green curry for me because I'm a sucka for it. Their menu is just ridiculous, in a good way, I wish I could try everything and I wanted a soup so bad but you can't get more than one dish there unless you share or you'll end up wasting huge amounts of food. The main server was a lovely lady; the younger server was a foul little thing who brought our food, announced what it was and dropped it on the end of the table for us to hand out. When we told her who the dish belonged to she looked at us like we had 4 heads and huffed off. Teenage angst... it's a bitch.

We headed to Morty's for wings and beer after dinner. No let me rephrase that, Jackie and I went for the beer and the boys had beer and wings. How you can stuff more food in your face after eating a big ass plate/bowl at Pho is beyond me. Witnessed a nasty episode in the downstairs bathroom that reminded me why I needed to take 'er easy and not drink too much. ew.

Starlight was fun fun fun! We shook our thangs all night long and it was awesome. Funk & 80s was on the menu so I was a happy girl. You know that's the one thing about my 'rave days' that I miss most - dancing! Damn I was in good shape back in the day, that was accidental exercise though, I didn't do it thinking about it being exercise, I did it because it was a good time!

Ended the evening with an entourage of people taking a trip to our place, some serious(ly drunken) air hockey games took place. Overall it was a stellar evening but unfortunately Jackie had a rough ending to her birthday celebration - why do people feel the need to help others celebrate their birthdays by purchasing them shooters? It rarely ends well!

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