December 5, 2007

Brain spa?

Have you ever considered removing your brain from your skull and giving it a sponge bath? I have. The matter in my bean hurts and could use a good soak. Yes it's that time again people, brain drain is taking place once again. One 12 page take-home exam down and two 2.5 hour puppies left to write. Je n'aime pas le francais et le philosophie. Blech.


Stacy said...

J'ai eu plusieurs années de la langue de l'amour, mais c'était il ya dix ans.

How sad is it that I had to double check my translation with google translator...and yes I had it wrong at first! Maybe google is wrong, too, though. ;) I think it tends to be iffy. I had French for 6.5 years, but my brain is a sieve. ;)

Good luck on your exams!

Jaime said...

Yay for me, I managed to translate what you said before checking on google. :)

6.5 years huh? that's impressive.
I'm finishing up my second (and final) term of French. It's too bad I didn't complete the courses on campus, I'm sure I would have gotten more out of the class that way. Distance Ed just doesn't cut it for learning languages.