December 29, 2007


Christmas Eve was spent with my mom, dad, John, Sarah & Neve. We had our traditional Christmas Eve Chinese food fest. Yum!
Only regret of the evening is that once again we didn't get a family photo, we need to start doing this on the occasions when we are all in one place!
Here are a few shots from the evening.

Mom admiring her new Pylones paperclip holding bird

Dad checking out his new blade

Sarah & Neve opening gifts.
Reading 'The Grinch'
Neve driving Uncle Mike to Toronto.

Looking stylish with his lovely flower (a gift from Neve).
Our first Christmas Eve as an old married duo.
It was a really great evening; we wrapped things up by heading home, curling up together on the couch and watching 'It's a Wonderful Life.'
A perfect ending to a perfect Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning I woke up bright and early. Some things never change...
My early wake-up used to drive my brother nuts, he couldn't handle waiting until the morning to see what Santa brought him so he would slip into the living room to sneak a peek in the middle of the night, that meant there was no reason for him to drag his lazy butt out of bed early Christmas morning. I on the other hand LOVE surprises so I would be up early lying in bed waiting until I figured it was a reasonable enough hour to wake up the entire household. I'd bounce around the house until mom gave me the thumbs up to bang on John's door and then eventually dad would be ready with the camera and we would fly under the tree to see what Santa had left. Such good memories.

This Christmas was a little bit different. Instead of waking up my mom, dad & John it was Mike who had the pleasure of waking up to my face inches from his. The stare alarm works well.

Santa Mike spoiled me rotten. I'm so excited about my main gift - a brand spanking new Singer sewing machine. Here I am looking like a dork with my new favorite thing.

The book I'm holding is called bend-the-rules Sewing
and it's written by one of my favorite bloggers Amy Karol at Angry Chicken. I'm hoping to post my first attempt at sewing by the end of the week - a super cute little zip up pouch from this fabulous book. 2008 is going to be my year of crafting. Mom & Dad gave me a huge bin full of supplies for card making, I can't wait to get started.

Lots of other wonderful gifts from Mike. One that makes me laugh is my new snake bike lock.
The cat wasn't so sure about it.
A wonderful Christmas morning followed by a great afternoon with Mike's parents, Joanne & Paul and the boys.

Gabriel & Michael posing for pics before gift opening.
The last two gifts on the tree were air hockey paddles and pucks for the boys, but they didn't have a table to play on. Granny pulled out the magic pen and suggested they try wishing for a table. Here they are writing out AIR HOCKEY TABLE very carefully, wouldn't want an ice rink suddenly appearing in the living room.
And now the wishing begins...
Wishing with all their might...
And what to their wondering eyes did appear...
They were so excited!
Dad on the phone with Uncle Pat in Ireland.
The Mrs. Mitchells listening in Joanne posing with her bon bon.
Paul caught smiling at one of his boys - Gabriel I think.
My favorite picture of Mike taken over the holidays this year.
Dinner was brilliant! A delicious feast made by Mom M.
We had a wonderful day, lots of singing and laughs.
Merry Ho Ho!!

We were spoiled rotten as usual this Christmas. Mom and Dad (both sets) went overboard as usual and we love all of our gifts! Thanks everyone for everything!

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Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hello My Little Sicko.
I wish you were feeling better.
Glad this bug really hit after the festivites (sp?) were over.
The pics are great. Love my new
Christmas was wonderful in 2007.....can hardly wait for 2008.
I have been shopping my little or not so little butt off.
I have discovered I love boxing day prices.
Anyway, keep on blogging.
The Mommie