March 22, 2008

Hippity Hoppity Easter

Family best

We hosted Easter for my side of our family today and it was a wonderful day filled with good conversation, fabulous entertainment (thanks to Neve high on sugar), and lots of good food.

I ate far too much and thoroughly enjoyed every bite of little Billy the turkey, Sarah's amazing sweet potatoes (oh my yum), dad's perogies (our good friday family tradition), Mom's phenomenal pineapple strawberry cake thingo (light but a fab treat for the taste buds) and lotsa Lindt (fav in the chocolate department). Oh and of course I ate a bit of everything else spread out on the table, ugh. I am presently stretched out on the couch and seriously considering diving into the leftover perogies - what is wrong with me?!

I'm thrilled with the family picture we took today. I've been wanting an updated photo and I think this one is perfect!

An apology to my mom for being snappy pre-dinner, I need to let go of the fact that she can't just sit down and not help in the kitchen. I get frustrated because I want her to relax and let me take care of things, she deserves a break, but the reality is that she wants to help and needs to be doing something at all times. Mom, from here on in mom I promise I will let you help without argument... well, I'll TRY to anyways! Thanks for everything you did today mom, I love you!

Happy Easter everyone!


John said...

Hey Kid,

Can you send me the link to the pictures?


Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hey J.
You have every right to get upset when I poke around in the kitchen when you are trying to work.
And you are right when you say I need something to do.
I will try from now on, to stay out of your way when you are doing the cooking.
As for was soooooo good. yummie yummie. THANK YOU!!!
Sarah thank you for the sweet potatoes (the left overs went over very well on Saturday).
Jaime & Mike,Thanks again for a great Good Friday.I had a really good time, The food was wonderful, I didn't have to cook and I got to wash some dishes, which I like to do. All in all it was a GOOD DAY!!!!
The Mommie

Jaime said...

No I really don't mom, but thanks for being your always understanding self anyways!

John said...

And where were my manners. Thanks so much for dinner Jaime it was very very good.