March 17, 2008

This is...better late than never

Drum roll please... This is my creation!

Her name is Emily and she is my first handmade doll. She took me a little less than two hours to make thanks to the pattern supplied by her namesake over at Inside a Black Apple. I decided to stitch her smile and use buttons for eyes rather than painting her facial features - I love how she turned out. Now that I know how simple dolls are to make I cannot wait to make more!

Here she is meeting her big sis.

"This is..." theme for this week was chosen by BettyTheGeek.


Stacy said...

Great job, Jaime! Emily is very cute. :)

tanzi said...

Um...okay...don't get mad at me but I laughed really hard at your pics of Emily!!!

First let me assure you that she's great--I am continually impressed by your ability to make creative and funky things with the little time you have. You rock!

It's just that E.C. seems to let Emily come far closer to her than I have been able to lately. And, for some reason, that pic is just creepy funny. I love it!

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hey J.
Love the doll.
What a talented little girl you are.
The Mommie

Jaime said...

Thanks for your compliments ladies!

Tanya I figured you would appreciate the pics of Emily. You should see the others, I have a few shots of her laying on EC... maybe I'll try having Emily touch EC's toe hair for the next photo shoot.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jaime. Very cute :-) MM