April 28, 2008

This is my favourite book.

Choosing a favourite book for the "This is..." meme this week has been a difficult task which is part of the reason why I'm posting late, the other part is extreme lack of motivation in the blogging zone of my bean. I haven't posted anything worthwhile as of late, then again I'm not sure I ever really post anything worthwhile, more like random ramblings... See? Ramblings.

As I was saying, I had a difficult time choosing what to post this week so I've decided to choose three of my fav books rather than one because, as anyone who knows me well could attest, I am indecisive and cannot pick just one. Truth be told the first of my list below is a true favorite and the others are fabulous but there are many other stories that I have read that I love equally...it's like my girlfriends, I refer to all of my girls as "one of my best friends" because I love them all and I couldn't, nor would I want to, choose just one as the all-time best. Geesh I'm having a hard time sticking to one train of thought.

Here they are:
The all-time best Princess book ever written! I love Robert Munsch and can't wait to have my own classroom so I can read his books to the little nuts and then have them write him 8 billion letters with the hope of having him come to my school to read to the kids (and me). Love him!
I could read this story over and over and over again, and have... as a matter of fact I read it yesterday. seriously.

Of course I couldn't skip this one:

I loved all of the Harry Potter books, some of you may remember me talking about my days of mourning last summer after I read the final book but out of all the HP books number four is still the best in my mind. The story of Triwizard tournament blew my mind. Yes, slight exaggeration there, but it sucked me in and had me imagining that I was participating in Harry's place. Yes I am a dork and have no problem admitting it.

Deciding on the third was not easy but because it's still fresh in my mind after watching the movie this past weekend I'm going to choose:

The Kite Runner is an amazing novel, if you have not read it be sure to do so but pick it up when you have a few days of peace and quiet to enjoy it. Don't start reading it thinking it will be all sunshine and lollipops, the story made my heart ache and brought tears to my eyeballs over and over again. That being said don't avoid it because it might hurt a bit; in my mind if a story can make me cry and cause me to wish I could yank my heart out and massage the ache from it, it's a damn good story. I still have yet to read Hosseini's second novel, I'm saving A Thousand Splendid Suns for my first week of summer holidays.

High five to Three Buttons for choosing books for this week's "This is..." theme, one of my most fav things in the world is reading.


Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hey Baby Girlz!
I had to L.O.L. when I read your fave thing blog and you had The Paperbag Princess as one of your number ones'.
As soon as I heard what the theme was for the week I said to myself "I bet J says "T.P.B.P.". See....the mommie always knows!

Maureen said...

Kite Runner really gives you a great feel for Afghanistan as it was....which makes it all the more poignant. Great read.