August 18, 2008

One More Week!

It seems like just yesterday that I received the fabulous news in my mailbox telling me I had been accepted to the teacher's college of my choice. Now the butterflies are fluttering madly in my belly because my first day is only one week away. Eek!

I have a few tasks to complete this week to ensure I'm ready for school and there's one you might be able to help me with. I have to fill out an information form and send it in to the school by Friday and I'm stumped on how to answer the question they are asking: list two things you want your professors to know about you. What the?! I don't have any learning disabilities and I have a feeling they don't want to know that my favourite drink is pink champagne... so what do I write?! What do you think they want to know? Thoughts?


Bridie said...

Ooops - that should read success!

Bridie said...

Jaime - a couple of suggestions (wearing my HR cap for this one) - but these are some of your core strenghts that would be applicable in the business world or in the academic arena....Maybe this is the type of thing they are looking for.

Excellent time management and organizational skills

A strong work ethic based on integrity

Ability to adapt and respond to changing priorities and situations

Strong personal desire for continued growth and sucess

And - you look great in green :-)

Kimber said...

My friend, you have nothing to worry about. Teacher's college will be a breeze after what you've been doing!

Jaime said...

Thanks so much, I'll definitely mention the looking good in green. You never know maybe someone will buy me something nice. ;)

Kim, I hope you're right! A recent grad from the program who completed her degree the same way I did (while working full-time) warned me that this new program isn't the same as the others... it's great but super intense. I'm not too nervous about that though, just the fact that it's something new! The countdown is on! Woo hoo!

tanzi said...

Maybe you can use this opportunity to tell them what you hope to gain from the program--remind them that you have a lot of experience with the theory (hint hint don't pile on the homework) and that you are looking for practical tips on how to be the most effective teacher you can be.

Jaime said...

Awesome! Thank you thank you thank you!