August 18, 2008

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Back in June I asked for your positive thoughts and prayers to be directed in my cousin Ben's nine year old son Benjamin's direction, he had a brain tumor and was having surgery to remove the tumor. I haven't posted about it since then because I just couldn't seem to wrap my head around the news, I still can't but it certainly isn't going to get any easier as time goes on: little Benjamin has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. My mom expressed her feelings and the feelings of our entire family really well here. She's right, sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Benjamin's illness has brought out the good in an unbelievable number of people and we saw this on Friday night. We attended a benefit for Benjamin and it was truly unbelievable. There were loads of amazing items donated for the silent auction; hundreds of people were at the benefit spending money on drinks, food, t-shirts, raffles and more to show their support; the Harvey brothers who play for the Edmonton Oilers were there signing autographs... it was overwhelming.

My cousin Ben (Benjamin's father) got up and spoke to the room of appx. 500 and expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in this benefit and the other fundraisers that have taken place. It broke my heart to see him up there. Nobody should have to watch their child fight an impossible battle with such a horrific illness, it's not fair. Please continue to send positive energy in Benjamin's direction, pray that his time left here on earth is filled with more laughter and fun than tears and pain.


Stacy said...

Oh Jaime, I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened. Prayers are going out to this little boy. Yes, sometimes bad things happen to good people. :(

Jaime said...

Thank you Stacy. Every prayer is appreciated. :)