February 16, 2009

A Whirlwind Weekend

What a crazy yet wonderful weekend! In true Jen fashion, my best friend announced two weeks ago that she was getting married... in two weeks time... in Miami. I knew if anyone could pull together a fabulous wedding in just two weeks it would be Jenny.

I'm still in awe of her efforts - it was Valentine's Day and yet she still managed to find a killer location, three photographers, beautiful flowers, a make up artist, the perfect dress and an officiant who was absolutely lovely. The sunset wedding was jaw dropping beautiful - it took place at Cabana One, a rooftop location with a stunning view. I was truly honored to stand next to Jen while she said her tear filled vows!

It was a black and white theme, approximately 40 guests all went with it and what a classy looking crew we were. The reception took place at Cabana One as well and it was a blast! We drank far too much champagne and laughed hard all night long. At one point in the evening Rebecca came rolling through the bar on a luggage cart waving to the crowd in a very queen-like way, friggen hilarious. The party moved down to the room Rebecca and I were sharing and continued to the early morning - who in their right mind thinks it's a good idea to put pianos in hotel rooms?! The room service delivery guy came in shaking his head saying "this is not good" but he was oh so wrong, it certainly WAS good and nobody complained... or maybe they did but we were just too loud to hear them. Good times had by all.

In my rush to get out of town Friday morning, I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures to share but will be sure to post some as soon as I get my paws on them.

Oh and simply because it's just SO Mike & Jen, I feel I should share their proposal story. Last week the two of them went to sign the papers for the lease on their new condo downtown Miami. Michael asked Jen to wait in the lobby while he ran to do something or other (get the Super maybe?); he came back a short while later and together they headed up to the condo. They walked into the condo and there spelled out in 650 - no that's not a typo 650 - candles was WILL YOU MARRY ME, JEN? How freaking cute is that?! Totally Jen and Michael.

Congratulations once again Jenny & Michael!! You are one fabulous Mr & Mrs!


Kimber said...

What a great v-day story! Miami is so much fun...did you see Dexter? I hope not. (0:

Jaime said...

Nope, no Dex this trip BUT had I seen him I would have been safe because I'm a good guy REMEMBER?! Geesh, don't be spreading the 'Jaime's a bad guy/girl' rumors Kim!