June 6, 2009


Grad day was perfect.

The best part was being surrounded by my biggest supporters: my family.

Without the love and support of my husband, our parents, our brothers and sisters and our amazing friends, the past four years of my life would have been extremely difficult. I am very very proud of myself for managing to earn my BA and my BEd in just four years while working but without Mike I don't think I would have taken the plunge in the first place, nor would I have gotten through this experience sane! Thanks, babe!!


Lois said...

Whoever said you were sane?
Are you still on your meds?
If not you can have some of ours...mine...I mean mine....Ok ours, are you happy now???.....
no, she doesn't like you...only me...always me....ok, oK, OK...I heard you...no she doesn't hear you...ok...I'll tell her...OK I heard you the first time.......
congratulations J from me...OK..sorry!..I mean... from all of us!
:} :( :) :->

Bridie said...

Congratulations (again) Mrs. Mitchell. We all had a great day celebrating your successes.

p.s. Sanity is over-rated :-)

Anna Marie said...

Hi there! Visiting from Lois' blog...she "found" me through Button Floozies, left me a sweet comment, so I couldn't help but stop by her blog to read and then I found you through her's...got all that...phew...exhausting :P

I graduated in fall '07 with a BS in Elementary Education as well as a certification in Early Childhood. Besides my student teaching I have yet to actually teach. Am staying home with the little one...using my Early Childhood skills on her ;)

I enjoyed looking around and will definitely be back!

God bless,
Anna Marie

Kimber said...

YAHOOOOOO! As someone who would like to go back and finish her master's degree but is too damned lazy, I am in awe. You rock.