June 30, 2009

Some Serious Pork is Flying High

For those of you who have been around since the early days of Jabbering Jaime (my first blog) you'll remember that when I mention pigs flying it refers to me exercising; well ladies and gentlemen the entire effing sty has lifted off! I started running almost daily three, or maybe it was four, weeks ago and my crazy (you'll understand why in a minute) sister-in-law/friend Joanne joined me last week.

Now here's the reason I say the entire sty has taken flight and that Joanne is slightly crazed. We've decided to take part in a triathlon on September 6th. I give Joanne full credit for this insanely fabulous idea - I'm nervous and excited and a little bit thrilled that I now have a serious goal to work towards. We made the decision yesterday and hit the community pool last night to swim 30 laps (660 m); my body is in surprisingly little pain today considering.

I am a pretty determined and goal oriented person but I have a hell of a time sticking to any exercise routine. Mike put it perfectly last night when he said to me that having this goal in sight is exactly what I need to get fit; I'm determined to complete this triathlon and am stoked that Joanne will be at my side when it happens!

We're not exactly sure which of the events we're going to take part in, the options we are looking at are the Super Sprint Triathlon (swim 375m, bike 10k, run 2.5) or the Sprint Triathlon (swim 750m, bike 20k, run 5k). I am definitely leaning towards the Super Sprint at this point in time but we'll see where we are in a month... maybe by then that will seem easy. Both are all women events and totally doable with the right amount of training. The swimming portion is what I'm most worried about since it's open water but I'm a pretty strong swimmer and with a little over two months to train I'm certain I can pull off at least 375m.

CRAZY huh?! If you know me you'll agree... Off to hit the roads dans la bicyclette, wish me luck!


John V. said...

this is very interesting kiddo. It has been a "thing i must do before i die" ( sorry typing while eating an ice cream and yes i know how that sounds) item for some time...if you want some more company i may join ya.

John V. said...

Disregard, Wonder woman is NOT going to make an appearance at this one.

tanzi said...

Okay. Change the creepy pic. BUT you are gonna rock this triatholon thingo, girl! Already impressed as I am your new roommate/personal trainer and have seen you kick ass the last two days.
Tres inspired!!!

Lois said...

The insanity comes from your father's side no doubt.
My side is a bit crazy but happy meds take care of that when needed.
The Mommie

Kimber said...

wwwwoooowwwww....you are too cool fer school, missy. Have fun!

Gingham Skies said...

Thanks! Hoping my knees hold up. :)