November 15, 2009

Fab Pick of Last Week

I found this fab little shop while looking for a birthday gift for a girlfriend (sneaky me crept through her Etsy Favs). Hollyhawk Designs is a fantastic shop to deal with: quick delivery, friendly service and lovely packaging.

The excellent craftsmanship on these cuffs is worthy of mentioning, you never know what you're handmade item is actually going to look like until you open up the envelope and I was pleasantly surprised at just how lovely the cuff was. Mike knows this little beauty is on my Christmas list and now that I know how well made the items in Hollyhawk's etsy shop are I will be adding a wallet to my wish list as well.

P.S. A bonus is that the shop is Canadian!


tanzi said...

The girlfriend loved her gift!
Do be careful when snooping through Etsy Faves, though...sometimes they're fave pics for others...
I did the same for a few of your gifts--hope you marked 'em for yourself! :)
We'll find out...
me x

Lois said...

Nice looking cuffs.