November 21, 2009

Good News for Good Peeps

photo credit: clever cupcakes

One of my best friends is having a baby!!!!!!! This isn't brand spanking new news but I was holding off until she was far enough along for me to yell CONGRATULATIONS online and well, time flies and sometimes you lose track, she's now 6 months pregnant.


There little man is due March 1st and although there was a bit of a concern regarding the placement of her placenta they received extra good news yesterday - no need to worry, the placenta has righted itself and all is well!

I couldn't be happier! Jess and Colin are going to make fabulous parents and I'm really really REALLY looking forward to meeting their son. Yippee!


Lois said...

Hey Jaime.
I was so happy to get your email about Jessy & Colin.
Congratulations to both of them, the little mister and to his new Aunt Jaime and Uncle Mike, whom I know are not going to spoil him one little bit....yah right! LOL!

tanzi said...

Didn't know it was a boy! Cool! I can imagine Colin picking out a mountain bike already...
Give her a hug for me! xxx