April 5, 2010

Baby Bits from Fab Tutorials

I've been meaning to make some bibs for the baby and FINALLY got around to it on Saturday. I used Chickpea Sewing Studio's free pattern because I liked the size and shape. I would definitely recommend making bibs to beginner sewers, they're a super quick and easy project. These bibs are small so they'll be perfect starter bibs for our wee one.

I made a couple flannel front bibs with some sweet boy prints (backed with upcycled cotton from some of daddy's old plaid shirts so technically these are reversible).

And I made a few others with sweet cotton prints and backed them with a super soft furry fabric that will feel good against bare skin in the warmer months. The one on the right is not not for our little man, it's part of a shower gift. I made one of the bike print bibs for our man and one for his buddy Reid.

This is an easy project and a great way to use up some medium sized fabric scraps.

Tonight I finally got around to sewing one of Homemade by Jill's change pads which was featured during Made's Celebrate the Boy month. This was a fabulous tutorial and I have no doubt I'll make more of these change pads for shower gifts.

I made a few minor changes, some of which I'll stick with for future pads and some that I won't . I used 1/4 inch bias tape because that was what I had on hand and it was a bit tricky to deal with, next time I'll use the 1/2 inch tape that was recommended. If you're not sure how to work with bias tape Jill provides easy to follow directions in this tutorial.

I didn't use the suggested laminated cotton for the inside of the pad (part where baby lays), instead I used a soft vinyl which I will definitely use again. I like working with this vinyl and the texture isn't as grainy as laminate (I think it will feel better against baby's bare skin).

The tutorial suggested fusible fleece for some padding between the cotton exterior and the vinyl (laminate) layer but I improvised here and used what I had on hand (not sure what it's called but it's fairly plush and it worked well).

Excuse the crappy pictures, I wanted to post these tonight and the lighting was blech.

For creating the closure I didn't have proper belting so I used a couple pieces of white vinyl, I think I'll use belting in the future since it will hide the stitching around the velcro a little better but the vinyl worked okay.

I'm hoping to make a few more bibs this weekend and a few baby sleeper gowns too so hopefully I'll have some more goodies to share with you soon!

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tanzi said...

Those bibs are awesome! So original and non-cutesy-vomity. :)