April 5, 2010

Flicks Worth Watching

You might remember that I had a slightly humongous crush on Jim Sturgess after watching Across the Universe? The crush is alive and well so it was a treat to find that Jim was the star of Fifty Dead Men Walking. This is a stellar movie about an IRA informant that had both Mike and I glued to the screen.

Away We Go was recommended to me when I was on the hunt for a chick flick last month. The person who suggested it thought it would be especially fabulous for me to watch because I'm pregnant and so is one of the main characters (played by Maya Rudolph from Saturday Night Live). They were right, I LOVED this film and so did my friend Jessy. No this isn't a pregnant-viewers only film, guys would like too. It's a love story but it's also a quirky comedy.

Drew Barrymore directed the awesome movie Whip It starring Ellen Page (Juno). Drew Barrymore and Juliette Lewis are also in the film so of course it's fabulous! I'm going to the a local Roller Derby game this weekend thanks to this movie; if I was 14 years younger I think I'd be trying out for the derby after watching this. A feel good chick flick BUT not as predictable as you might think. Definitely check this one out!


tanzi said...

Yay! Glad you loved the two flicks as much as I did. I'll have to check out the second one--thanks! Can we make a date with Ninja boy and dad to watch Alice together sometime if you haven't seen it yet? It would be a fun rental. I don't care if it's months and months from now that we do it--just would be a fun flick to watch with you.

tanzi said...

P.S. I share your crush--you have good taste! I still am thankful for you telling me to watch Across the Universe. :)
Hey, he has a smallish part in The Other Bolyn Girl, too.