September 25, 2010

Even Better with Age

Every day I fall more in love with my SON which should be impossible considering how I feel about him. I'm amazed at just how much love we are capable of feeling - I thought I knew and then I became a mom.

Mike and I put the Rockstar to bed on Thursday and then spent two hours talking about the million and one cute things he does. Not only am I madly in love with the Rockstar but since he arrived I've fallen even deeper in love with Mike (another thing I didn't think was possible considering I'm already head over heels). Seeing my husband as a dad is incredible. There's nothing better than seeing the Rockstar's face light up when he spots his daddy. I think they have an extra special bond thanks to the awful foot surgery which allowed Mike to spend the Rockstar's first two months at home with us. We're also super lucky that Mike works less than five minutes from our house so he is able to come see us every lunch hour for some cuddles with the Rockstar.

During the past month our Rockstar found his volume increase knob. He still doesn't cry often but when he does the entire street knows it. He has definitely found his voice and chatters away almost none stop when he's at home with Mike and I. When we're out and about he's usually too busy smiling at people and staring at all the sights to chat.

One of his new sounds is a perfect imitation of The Count from Sesame Street. We killed ourselves laughing the other night after I counted and the Rockstar followed the numbers with "Aaaa Aaaa Aaaa Aaaa".

I truly believe there is no better experience than being a mom. The past three months have easily been the best of my life: thank you baby boy for choosing me to be your mom, I am definitely the luckiest woman alive.

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tanzi said...

A beautiful post. You made me tear up, lady. I only hope that I will experience being a mom one day. I admire your family so much. The Count imitation is hilarious. Can't wait to hear it--from Kian, not you or offense. ;)