May 2, 2012

Throw a hammer at the one you love

How do you tell the creatures in your life that you love them? Let me guess... you chuck hammers at them, right?! Of course you do. Who wouldn't toss a hammer or a saw to express their feelings of adoration.

Fortunately the Rockstar has yet to get his paws on any real tools to whip at our elderly cat EC but the poor creature was chased with a saw and hammer today and once those were taken away from the tyrant after he threw them across the living room, another hammer was located and a screwdriver as well.   Mean Mommy stopped the small stubborn wild eyed man with  and had a nose to nose one sided conversation explaining that one more tool being thrown would mean ALL the tools would be put away for the evening.

The Rockstar squealed with glee as he ran across the living room, came to a screeching halt, spun 90 degrees and hurled a plastic hammer AND wooden screwdriver at the poor cat who was crouched down stupidly thinking making herself as small as possible would lead to safety.

I swooped in and plucked the hammer and  screwdriver off the floor as the cat scurried to higher ground. The "No! Peas!! Peeeeeeas!" paired with his sign for "please" started and became more frantic as I started quietly tossing tools from his tool bench into a shopping bag.  By the time I silently left the room with the bag the Rockstar was sobbing with huge crocodile tears flowing down his cheeks.  I may have started feeling truly sorry for him if he had not managed to instantly stop wailing after I handed him a kleenex and suggested that if he cleaned himself up and stopped crying we would go for a walk outside.

Oh the roller coaster emotions of an almost 22 month old.  It's a hard knock life.

Chucking tools at the cat was a new 'game', I'm hoping it was a one time event and losing all of his prized pieces  was enough of an incentive to not do it again anytime soon.  Thankfully this photo is more typical of the relationship between cat and tiny human.  He does not always need to bribe her with food but it certainly does help.  As much as the princess cat gets under my skin at times I do love her.  The fact that she has accepted the Rockstar as easily as she has still amazes me; she tolerates so much more from him than she would from anyone else including her most loved human: Mike. Sorry about the tool tossing kitty cat;  you sure are a great big sister!!

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