May 24, 2012

Extraordinary News!!

Yippeeeeeeee!  It's official, we have hit the three month point so we are going public: WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!  Yes, it's true. I'm going to be a Mama and Mike will be Dada to not just one but two wild and crazy and fabulously wonderful monkeys.  That makes the Rockstar a big brother! What a crazy thought.

We went for our first ultrasound last week and technically we were only at the end of our 11th week so the baby was a little too tiny to complete the measurements necessary.  We had to go back again today (yay! more photos!) and all looks well according to the technician.  During both ultrasounds the technician took extra long to complete their jobs because our baby was moving around non-stop!  

We have nicknamed our second child Bounce because he/she seriously looked like they were on a trampoline!  The Rockstar moved around when we saw him during ultrasounds but nothing like this: uh oh!

Super excited to be able to share our exciting news!  Now the guessing begins: boy or girl?! My gut instinct said girl... and no it's not because I want a girl more than a boy. I think a brother for the Rockstar would be awesome!  A little sister would be fabulous too of course!  I guess we will have to wait and see... we'll find out in July!!

Oooooh all the planning we have to do! Time to get busy and start a TO DO list!

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