June 27, 2012


I'm afraid to say it for fear of jinxing things... Do I dare??

Spring has sprung.

Finally. The snow is all melted (again) and the sun has been shining regularly for the past week. This weekend it was absolutely beautiful. We took the Rockstar to the park on Saturday; he went for his first ride in a bucket swing and looooooved it. He saw a mini horse, llamas, goats and peacocks for the first time and so badly wanted to touch them. We are going to have to plan a trip to a petting zoo sometime soon so that the wee man can pet some creatures.

Sunday we set the jolly jumper up outside and let the Rockstar go nuts on the deck. Jumping in the sunshine equals one happy (and sleepy) little man. We also blew bubbles (well, Mommy did) which was a new and extraordinary experience for our Jolly Jumper.

Mmmm Spring.

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