July 20, 2012

Boy OR Girl?!

What a fabulously fabulous day we had yesterday!!  July 19th was the Bounce's GREAT REVEAL.  Boy or girl?!We planned to ask the ultrasound technician to write the news on an ultrasound photo and tuck it into the same tin box we used when we found out that our Rockstar was a boy.  On the way to the appointment I said to Mike that I would love it if we had the same technician we did with the Rockstar. I couldn't picture her face but I could clearly remember her enthusiasm.  She was thrilled to be looking at our baby and really excited to be the one to share the big news with us.

When I walked into the room after my name was called the technician asked me if we wanted to find our the baby's gender.  I told her that I did and then reached in my bag to pull out the tin box, as I pulled out the box I said, "Rather than telling us I was hoping you might write the gender on a photo and tuck it in..." I was interrupted by a little shriek followed by: "The box!!"  

Yep, we had the same lovely enthusiastic baby loving technician for Bounce's big reveal that we did for our Rockstar! She remembered us because of the box and told me that she had told another couple about our box and they had done something similar.  She was equally excited this time and it didn't take long for her to take the necessary photos and measurements, then she called Mike in and we had a chance to see our beautiful little Bounce wiggling around in my belly.  Bounce was super active once again which made it a little tricky for the technician to take clear photos, as soon as she would have a good one set up our little nut would jump.   That being said we did take home a pile of pics so here are a few for you to oogle over.

Bounce was tucked up in a ball making it awkward to take photos but we still managed to see all the important parts (well, all but the area that would tell us Girl or Boy).  

Mmmm tiny baby feet!!  And hands! I forgot how flexible teeny tiny people are, Bounce's nose was basically touching her/his toes!

After our appointment we went out for the earliest dinner ever!! It was 330pm but we couldn't wait to open the box!!  We went to Wildcraft and requested the same table we sat at almost three years ago with our little tin box.  We even sat in the same seats facing the fireplace which the server turned on for us despite the warm weather.

The news?!   Well.... we set up Mike's blackberry to record the news and when we opened the box we found that the photo clearly showed that Bounce is a BOY!!!

I'm totally outnumbered and I couldn't be happier!  Mr Magoo is going to have a little brother and we are thrilled!  Both Mike and I have said since we first talked about the possibility of number two, that it would be awesome to have two boys!! Wishes DO come true! 

I'll share how we spread the news to our family in my next post: that was a lot of fun too!!  

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Kimber said...

I can practically feel the joy jumping off the page as I read this. What a sweet way to find out and create a wicked cool memory at the same time. You rock, Mama J. Can't wait to meet the new Ninja.