November 27, 2012

39 Weeks!

I am officially finished work!  Yesterday I took a personal day to spend with my man on his birthday and I am off thanks to killer pains in my groin that made it difficult for me to remain upright for more than 30 minutes at a time these past few weeks at work.  The Rockstar has a very rough night on Sunday so it ended up being a family day yesterday with Mommy & Daddy caring for a tired boy with a runny nose.  I am counting today as my first day of quiet before the storm.  The house is totalled, we have not started decorating for Christmas, I have loads of laundry to deal with and I should feel like nesting but instead I am plopped on the couch following a lovely 2 hour nap.  Maybe it's time to start blogging again?!

Bounce could be here any day now! I was at the OB last week and was informed that my "cervix is coming along nicely".  Dr M thinks I'll be dilating this week so the baby could be here any time now.  I'm excited and nervous all rolled up into one. I've been experiencing braxton hicks and Friday night had an hour long false alarm.  I was induced with the Rockstar so I'm not sure what to expect if I go into labour naturally this round... from the little taste on Friday night I suspect a crazy adrenalin high, a lot of OW and a whole lot of pacing is to be expected.   I have a feeling the little man will make an early appearance but I guess only time will tell.

Once again I am strep B positive so if my water breaks on its own I will have to head immediately to the hospital to be hooked up to that damn IV for antibiotics.  I know an IV should be the least of my worries but the number of jabs it took to get that puppy in there with the Rockstar made it one of the worst parts of my birthing experience. Yes, I know, I should be grateful if that was the case!!  Fingers crossed Dr M's predictions of a very quick 2-4 hour labour are accurate and then you can hear me whine about IVs again following Bounce's arrival..  

I am overdue to post belly pics so here they are!  We went for some family photos on the weekend so that we will have some beautiful professional shots of Bounce while he is still in my belly at 38.5 weeks! I'll post a few when I get my paws on them.  I was able to stick around after the shoot and saw the photos: I think they are fabulous!  It's funny, I see my little Rockstar every day but while looking at those photos I realized that suddenly he is more little boy than baby.  I suppose it will be even more obvious once his little brother is on the outside... what a thought!

39 weeks in love!  When will the little guy arrive?  If anyone still looks at my blog please make a prediction!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on when he will show up, how big he will be and what he might look like!!


Kimber said...

You are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! What an exciting time for you and your family.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, Jaime. And heartiest of congratulations on your pregnancy. Have a wonderful holiday season.


Gingham Skies said...

Thanks, Lauren. I appreciate your kind words and you popping by to say hello.

Happy holidays to you as well!