April 14, 2013

4 Months Already?!

Four months? What the?!  I thought time flew when the Rock Star was a baby but it is moving even faster now.  I'm trying to enjoy every moment and not wish babyhood away but I catch myself hoping for the days of sleeping at night and longer naps which is in turn wishing time away.  I'm now consciously slowing down and enjoying more snuggles and 'typical' moments so that hopefully I don't look back with regret,

A note to my littlest love: we are head over heels for you! Your smiles come with less effort now which makes us so happy. We worry less about how you are feeling now that we see so many smiles. Your mood seems to brighten more and more each day, it is as if you are becoming more comfortable with the world.  You have discovered the joy of eating your fingers and any others that venture near your mouth, you love the Jumparoo and are already figuring out how to bounce in it. You still hate tummy time but you do have a rather large melon so that might have something to do with it.

People comment all the time on how strong you are. You have been standing with support since a month old but now we can give you just a little help with one hand and you stand up on your own for fairly long periods of time.  You love being sung to!  You have just started to "play" with toys that you can grab and chew on.  Books are becoming more interesting to you, your favourites are those with pictures of babies or animals.

You adore your daddy. He almost always earns ear to ear grins by just looking in your direction. Your big brother is your favourite thing to watch but his big growls and loud yells sometimes scare you.  He sometimes feels bad when he startles you but I think that at other times he's pretty proud of himself for being such a convincing lion.  When you cry or fuss the first person at your side is usually your Bro.

Finally the weather is starting to warm up and thank goodness it is because you love being outside! You sat in the swing out back for the first time last week and you were all smiles.  Finally you can be outside and not have to be under a plastic cover to shield you from the wind.

You adore your grandparents and win them over by giving them all loads of smiles and coos.  When we are out and about you tend to be rather serious around strangers, you make them work for your adorable crooked dimpled smiles.

I knew in my heart that I would love you to pieces but my brain worried that it would be difficult to love someone as much as I love your Big Bro yet here I am equally in love with the two of you.  I had no idea a heart could hold so much love.

Thank you for choosing us to be your family, Baby Boy! Our world is a better place thanks to your existence.  We adore you and cannot wait to see what you get into this month!

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