November 2, 2007

Christmas is coming...

I was in a bit of a funk yesterday. again. This week was a rough one; I think it must have something to do with the time of year. Winter is just around the corner, days are getting shorter, winter is just around the corner... did I mention winter is just around the corner? I like the look of snow outside the window and I even like the smell of winter but there are three things I really hate: driving on snowy/icy roads, shoveling and being cold. Not ideal considering I live in Canada.

I detest being cold and I hate wearing socks so winter is definitely not my favorite season. Sunshine and bare feet are two things that make me very happy; unfortunately the winter means I don't get to experience much of either of these two things.

Of course there is one really fabulous thing about winter: CHRISTMAS! I absolutely love Christmas. What is it that I love? Well let me tell you.

Things I love about the Christmas season: Christmas trees, decorating, Christmas tunes, making presents, wrapping presents, making treats (cookies, chocolates, nuts & bolts), writing lists (i LOVE lists), driving around to checkout lights, Christmas eve, Christmas morning, Christmas traditions, old movies and so much more.

Too early to talk about Christmas? No way. I went shopping after work yesterday to try and boost my mood and it worked! I knew that because Halloween was on Wednesday the stores would be filling with red and green on the 1st and sure enough I was right. Usually it irks me that the stores force Halloween out the door and drag Christmas in so quickly but this year I've decided to embrace it. Why not stretch the season out as long as I can since I love it so much. It's way too early to decorate but it's not too early to start shopping.

I bought a few gifts for the kids yesterday. Check out these super cool invisible ink pens (there's a black light in the end of the pen that makes the ink visible) and this sweet 3D Drawing Pad. I love the store Write Impressions (uptown Waterloo). They get the coolest stuff ever!

I also snagged a princess dress up set for the little lady in our life. One can never have too many pairs of shoes. And seriously, what girl doesn't want a variety of tiaras and feather boas to choose from?

What to buy next?!

1 comment:

The Mommi said...

Hey Baby Girlz!
You definately get the "I LOVE CHRISTMAS!" genes from me.
Am I not the queen of Christmas most years???
I too have started my Christmas quest for gifts already. Nothing big, just a few small far.
Thanks again for all your hard work on the Stocking Stuffer exchange.
You are such a good girl and soooo
smart too!!!
What more could a mommi want in a baby girlz?