November 11, 2007


My declutter rampage continues! My used-to-be-obscenely-cluttered office is now part office and part work-out room! It took almost the entire day yesterday to get things organized but it was definitely worth the time and effort. My muscle aka Mike helped me drag out the big bits that were taking up space to make room for the exercise bike that has been hibernating in the garage for the last 3 months. Now I have no excuse to not exercise, I can actually listen to lectures or complete my readings while pedaling furiously on Hilda (the bike).

And that's just what I did today. Read a chapter for Moral Issues while riding my good friend Hilda. My butt muscles are going to be screaming tomorrow. Yes it's true ladies and gentlemen, pigs flew today! That's twice in one week if we count the week from Sunday to Sunday. Two cheers for me! Three cheers will be granted once this becomes a true habit.

Here's the breakdown aka boring bits for my records only- not for entertainment purposes by any means:

Hilda: 30 minutes, 10km, 850 cal.
Crunches: 100 (various)
Weights: pathetic.

It's a start anyways...


Anonymous said...

Hey Baby Girlz!
I thought I saw a pig fly by this weekend. Hee hee...
I saw your efforts on Saturday evening when we barged in on you.
It looks really great. I too, spent last weekend cleaning up my area of the office. This weekend spent cleaning and ripping out bathroom walls...mostly done by dad but I did carry the crap (no pun intended) outside.
Anyway, I look forward to more flying pigs.... keep up the good work.
Oh by the way, you might want to reword "riding my good friend Hilda" as it could be taken the wrong way by nasty minded persons, not me, who have dirty minds.
The Mommie.
PS Where did you get the name Hilda from?

Stacy said...

Good job! We have our exercise equipment set up in the basement, with a tv/dvd right there, toys galore for the kids to play down there while we work out...and I rarely use it. Hopefully you will inspire me! :)

Jaime said...

You didn't 'barge' in mom. :) It was a nice surprise! Regarding "hilda" - I caught the nastiness actually but thought it was funny so left it alone. Great minds think alike. Not sure where the name came from... just seemed to suit her.

As for motivation - I'm hoping that the fact that the bike, aka Hilda, is in a quiet room will help me out. It's easy to read while on it so time flies. When I try to watch tv on an exercise machine (i'm thinking of when I used to go to the gym) I would constantly watch the clock; just didn't work for me!