July 19, 2008

A Day at the Beach

It was an incredibly windy day at the beach, so windy in fact that our little swimmer wasn't able to get close to the waters edge without holding tight to a hand belonging to an adult. We played in the water and built sand castles but a good deal of Neve the three year old daredevil and my time was spent on the jungle gym: climbing rock walls, swinging, going down the curly and bumpy slides, swinging, climbing up the slides and more swinging.

Playing in the sand with my parents sitting in lawn chairs beside the big beach blanket time warped me back to my childhood. My mom packed one of her famous beach lunches of course, loads of sandwiches, fresh fruit, cookies, cheese, chips and more liquid than an army could consume. Yum!

Grams, Papa and Neve being goofs.

Eight zillion shots later...

One of my absolute favourite pictures of the day: pure happiness on my parents' faces.


Bridie said...

Great photos - looks like a fun time was had by all ... gotta love summer :-)

Jaime said...

I wish summer wouldn't run off so quickly... three more months would be fabulous!