July 16, 2008

Elizabeth the 1st

This sweet little clutch in the batik design was named Elizabeth the 1st by my husband Mike. When I asked him why Elizabeth he paused and replied: "because it's beautiful enough for a queen to carry." Enough said.
Elizabeth's MeasurementsA fabulous little clutch that can hold a whole lot of goodness. Appx. 6" x 8"
Closure: vintage button
I hand delivered Elizabeth to her new owner today and she absolutely loved her! Thanks Kim!


Lois said...

I love this style of clutch. Remember when we discussed making a tote out of shower curtain material? I wonder if one of these made out of a heavier material would work? hmmmmm.......maybe something to think about?
Anyway, I want to go shopping for material with you one of thses days.

Jaime said...

Mom if you want a heavy tote I'll use upholstery material. I forget what you want it for, we'll talk.