January 14, 2009

Ann Coulter: Wicked Witch of the Right-Wing

We all have those moments where we watch something on TV and wish more than anything that we had access to Jeanie - from I Dream of Jeanie - so that we could pop back in time to the studio where the show being viewed was filmed just long enough to slap someone upside the head. Don't we? Well I don't know about you but it happens to me and when I watched this infuriating woman today I wished I had a lamp. As nasty as it may be I so wished I could hurl some hate Ann Coulter's way; she's throwing enough of it out to the single mothers in our world. See for yourself.

Here we have an ignorant woman who has no children of her own judging all single mothers and suggesting they are selfish women raising rapists and thieves. A chapter in her book titled Victim of a crime? Thank a single mother?! Single mothers must be the root of all problems in the USA; the disgustingly high poverty rates have everything to do with women raising children on their own and nothing to do with Ann's much loved right-wing "give to the rich and take from the poor" approach to running a country. Give me a break.

I should clarify that I don't paint all right-wing conservative women with the same brush, and I assume - please let me be right - that a huge number of republican women would be appalled by Coulter's words. Unfortunately for women sharing the political standpoint of Coulter the two females who are currently hold the spotlight are Coulter and Palin. Certainly not the sort of strong female role models I would want representing me.

Nevermind Sarah Palin, she's dim but relatively harmless, it's Ann Coulter who gets my vote as the wicked witch of the right-wing women.

Sadly, this sneak peek leaves me wanting more. I'm curious to know what else is written in her book, there was just one chapter on single mothers so who else does she condemn? It's sort of like a traffic accident, it's gruesome but you can't help but stare. Of course I won't support this crazy woman by purchasing her book; sharing this video might be seen by some as promotion but more than anything I want to hear what you have to say about this. Feel free to disagree with my opinion.


Kimber said...

Oh please, she's not even worth your contempt. She's just trying to sell books. What a silly, misguided creature. And don't worry - someone will likely throw something at her for you!

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hey J!
Garbage like that always sooner or later ends up in a thrift shop.
I'll keep my eyes open.

Jaime said...

You're both right: not worth my contempt and garbage! :) I know I shouldn't waste my energy disliking this woman but I figure I need to get rid of negative thoughts anyway so I may as well direct them at her.