March 30, 2009

It's Giving Me Cavities GIVEAWAY!!!!

Seriously, can you find a dress any sweeter than this? I wish it was big enough for me... or I was small enough for it BUT I do have a little lady in my world who (or is it whom? Tanya? Kim?) it would fit perfectly!

Come on Grosgrain, pick me, pick ME, PICK ME! Hop over to Grosgrain's Modern Pirate Frock GIVEAWAY!!!! Leave a comment and post a link and you'll have a chance to win this adorable frock.


Kimber said...

ACK! Grammar questions? Seriously? You're asking me?

Jaime said...

Well, you ARE the writer-extraordinaire.

tanzi said...

Um, at the risk of sounding like a grammar geek, it's whom.
But..."who" cares! It's a cute dress!