March 30, 2009

India Rose Discount!

The duvet cover (note the ruffles that continue to suck me in) I've featured as this week's Fab Pick of the Week is just one of India Rose's many beautifully designed home furnishings. Suz from Alive in Wonderland wrangled a 20% discount for her readers and asked Suzie, the owner of India Rose, if I could share the code with you here at Gingham Skies. A big thanks to Suzie and to Suz! The discount code is daily25. Happy shopping!

By the way I L-O-V-E the croc cubes but couldn't get the picture to post without the colours going all wonky... these pillars are definitely a closer runner up for my luv. Fabulous!


Suz Broughton said...

Man, she has beautiful stuff. I want those candle sticks!

Jaime said...

They're great, aren't they?! Beautiful!