March 22, 2009

Left Without a Word

The past few weeks have been insane! I've finished all of my university classes, that means no more assignments for this chiquita. Now I'm down to my final practicum: six weeks of teaching the little monkeys and then my BEd will be complete! I can't believe the year is almost over, it certainly has been an interesting journey...

With the chaos of the final few weeks of school absorbing my time and thoughts I failed to mention the fact that I was heading to Mexico for March break. Whoops.

Mike's parents treated us to a fabulous week at the Dreams, Huatulco. We are so appreciative of this wonderful gift, it was an amazing break from reality for all of us.

Both of these shots were taken from our balcony. In the one below you can see that I was stalking Mike while he took his morning walk, he's the being on the beach (bottom right corner).

The resort was beautiful, food was great, service was outstanding: we were pleasantly surprised to find that the Dreams resorts are pretty close to Sandals when it comes to quality. Definitely a five star resort.

The three infinity pools are stellar and we spent a good chunk of every day with our chins perched on the edge of the pool gazing out at the ocean. Mike and his mom - neither of whom would be considered water babies - spent more time in the water this vacation then they ever have.

Huatulco is located on the Pacific coast and is south of Acapulco which meant the weather was phenomenal but the ocean was intense. A few beaches down from us people were surfing...

There were three days when going in the ocean was not an option - although Dave (Mike's dad) decided to give swimming a go despite the red flags, much to the delight of his audience. The ocean looked innocent enough, at times the ten foot plus waves would calm down but the undertow was insane. You can see the boys running from the waves in the shot below, that was right after they had been pummeled by a huge wave.
It really was an awesome trip. We enjoyed every moment of it, the quality time with Bridie and Dave was wonderful and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for an amazing week of relaxation!

Now it's time to return to reality: lesson planning here I come.


EterKnity said...

WOW!! Looks like a fantastic spot. I love the pic of Mike and my Dad running away from the waves!

The pool looks so inviting and how great to be able to swim in the pool and look out at the ocean.

Congrats too on finishing your classes - YEAH!!!


Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

I am so glad you all had a great trip. Now you’re all rested up and ready to return to reality.
Welcome back home....I missed you.

Jaime said...

It certainly was a fabulous trip! :)
Thanks for the congrats, Joanne!
I missed you too mom, we'll have to get together SOON! :) xo

Bridie said...

WOW - look at those photos! Can't believe we were there only last week. It was awesome - thanks for the memories :-) Already planning/scheming the next trip....

tanzi said...

What an amazing place!!! Looks like you had a really memorable vacation. The pics are lovely--love the one of Mikey walking on the beach. Looks like the backdrop to a movie set. Yay! You both look sunkissed and gorgeous!

Jaime said...

It really was amazing!
Hmm scheming and planning?! I like the sound of those words. ; )