April 2, 2009

More Grade One Giggles

Can you believe I've had to say the following words approximately 25 times in the last 48 hours? Are you ready for it? Here goes: Stop eating your sock.

I've decided that six and seven year olds are like lemmings. One coughs, four more cough. One gets up to snag a tissue and at least three more do -- and it's safe to say that 90% of the time none of them, including the original tissue snagger actually need the Kleenex. One asks a question totally unrelated to the lesson and ten more hands shoot up. One starts eating the elastic from their sock while holding their foot 2 inches away from their face and three more decide they're hungry for socks too. I cannot imagine what my little crew was like in kindergarten.

Me pointing at the words 'I'm during.' written by a six year old: "Hmmm, I'm not sure I understand this sentence."
Kid: I'm drunk.
Me (sure I heard wrong): Pardon? I'm during?
Kid: No, I'm drunk. That says drunk, right?
Me: No sweetheart, the bonus word this week is 'during' not 'drunk'.
I admit, prior to the last line I laughed, how could I not? The conversation that followed included the little nut asking me, "What does drunk mean anyways?"


Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

How do you not spend your day holding your sides from laughing all the time?
Too funny!
PS: I hope you are writing everything that happens and is said, down in a diary somewhere. Truth is always better than fiction and you always said you wanted to publish a book.
Kids sell, so go for it girl!

EterKnity said...

Oh too funny! The other day Michael comes home from school with a new joke. Say "XXX" really fast. "XXXXXXSEXSEXSEX"

So I look at him and say "So what sex are you?" He suddenly looks horrified and and won't answer me. I said "Do you even know what sex means?" He looks even more horrified and I think his eyes are going to pop out of his head. Paul starts telling them about medical forms referring to sex "Male, Female or Other" By this time Gabriel is giggling uncontrollably at the "or other" comment. This seems to be spiraling out of control and I of course say "You're male".

It's probably time to have "The Talk" with the little monkeys sometime soon!!!

I wish I had written down all the things that they've said over the years. It's really hard to keep a straight face sometimes :)


Jaime said...

I really should be writing everything down. I'll make note here of course but maybe I'll start a journal to keep more details - good idea, mom.

Joanne, that's hilarious! I can picture the incident so clearly. I can't wait to hear how the XXXXXXXXX talk goes, fun fun!