April 2, 2009

Sigh worthy

Thanks to How About Orange I have a lovely new site to share with you. Kindred has beautiful wallpaper designs for your desktop, I can't wait to see what the future holds for this lovely site. With wallpaper this beautiful I imagine that down the road there will be many sigh evoking surprises available thanks to Kindred.The teacups remind me of my mom.

I'm loving the birds... I think this would look gorgeous framed.

Buttons!! Need I say more?


Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Oooooo.....love the buttons!
You liking birds? Do you have a fever? LOL

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Did you know you won twice NOT just once on grosgrain?
Lucky girl!

Jaime said...

I didn't know that but I do now!! :) How lucky am I?! I better by a lotto ticket.

I like the way birds look, from a distance. I still don't like the way their scratchy little feet look though and I don't want their creepy beaks anywhere near me.