April 16, 2009

Naked in a flash

Can you tell what this dress is made of? Look closely at the skirt...

Lindt chocolate, baby. Yep, 1000 chocolate balls make up the skirt of this little number. The only issue I would have with this crazy expensive dress designed by Lindka Cierach is not the cost of £3,500, my issue is that I would be naked in no time. That and the fact that my husband would be slightly uncomfortable with random people tearing at my clothes with the hope of killing their chocolate cravings.

I heard the news today that a Lindt Lindor outlet has opened up 20 minutes from my house: less than a buck for one of those little chocolate bunnies that usually cost six. You would think I would be rejoicing considering Lindor is by far my fav chocolate, but instead I found myself rocking back and forth trying to calm the evil FEED ME thoughts racing through my mind.

Why can't I crave carrots?


tanzi said...

I called it right away--likely b/c I'm addicted to these suckers, especially the dark chocolate ones. Mmmmmm.

Gingham Skies said...

You can have my dark chocolate if I can have your light. :) YUM!