April 22, 2009

A Visit from the Ladies

Photo by SophieG

I've been posting random bits here and there but haven't said much about me and my world lately so here's a quick update. More coming soon...

Tanya the great - who has decide to abandon her friends for another whole year and remain in Moscow teaching - came home for a quick visit a few weeks ago. Her lovely sis Kim is very pregnant and since T can't be here for the actual delivery she decided to slip home and see Kim's beautiful belly prior to baby's arrival. Lucky for me there was a random snowstorm on the day Kim had planned to snag Tanya so I managed to keep her to myself for an extra day.

It was soooo good to see you Tanya! I miss you like crazy and am counting down the days to our next visit - July can't come soon enough.

Tanya left to spend the week in the Kink with her sis and Rebecca arrived from Vancouver! Two of my best far away girls visiting in the same week; that never happens. Yay for me! Of course Reebs also had a zillion people to visit while she was here but we did manage to get in a few good hours of 'us' time.

Oh how I wish flights were mega-cheap or that someone would just go ahead and invent a reliable teleporter already.


Kimber said...

Thanks again for hosting my sis while I was snowbound. It was good to see you and finally meet your Mom too!

Next time I see you I'll probably have a wee Lowry for you to meet...

tanzi said...

Aw, Thanks!
I am so glad we got to be together--even if it was brief. Soon it's time for patios and endless chatter, though!
Love you!
Happy b-days to your 'rents, too!
Love the photo for this blog--super cute.
And Kimmy...looks like it might be a bigger than "wee" Lowry! :)

Gingham Skies said...

It's funny, it seems like you and my mom have met many times, Kim! The joys of blogging.
Patios and endless chatter?! I CANNOT WAIT, Tanya!