February 9, 2010

Prezzies for Smidgie

I thought I had posted this already but a quick look through the blog showed that clearly I thought wrong!

On the evening of the big reveal we made a stop at Smidge's Granny and Grandad's house to tell them the news and my fabulous mother-in-law pulled out these adorable handcrafted bits just moments after being told she has a new grandson on the way. Of course she was well prepared and had tiny bows ready to attach had Smidge been a girl.

Yes our baby will be wearing cashmere hats and booties come fall... and there's a beautiful tiny sweater to go with the blue set, I'll share once the buttons have been added.

On the weekend my girlfriend Jess gave us a tiny pair of Robeez for Smidge to enjoy. Everyone knows that Robeez are the best baby slippers: the little nuts can't kick them off. I love these little funky monsters!

Can't wait to see them on Smidge's mini feet.

Today a colleague and friend handed me a congratulations gift. I knew we would end up with some of these adorable Pee Pee Teepees eventually. These kill me, so funny and cute!
How well will the teepees actually work? I'm guessing there's a good chance they'll only do the trick if we have lightening fast reflexes but I'm willing to be peed on in order to test my theory.

Smidge is one lucky little man, lots of fabulous gifts and he's not even on the outside yet!

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