February 7, 2010

Trust Me, I Would SLEEP If I Could

I'm tired and yes I know that in a few months I'm going to be more tired than I ever thought imaginable so please don't tell me I don't know what tired is yet. p.s. I'm a bit cranky.

I am now at the stage where I can't get comfortable at night, I'm hoping our crappy old bed has something to do with that because the books keep telling me that this is my "feel like you did before you were pregnant" phase. We have a new bed coming this week and if it actually allows me to sleep I have every intention of spending next weekend curled up in it.

During the day I feel pretty good, I'm slowing down a bit and feeling some new aches hello hips, yes I know you're there, there's no need to scream for attention but nothing to complain about. Sleep is my friend from appx 10pm until 330 and then I get up to pee. After that it's flip from side to side time: great fun. I didn't realize how much I slept on my back until now, I wake up at least five times a night with the realization that I'm laying on my back. Onto my side I go and then I wake up shortly after that due to sore hips, flip: wake up on my back, flip: sore shoulder, flip: sore hips, flip: you get the picture. Between 730 and 830am I hit the wide awake but crazy tired and uncomfortable point. The nights that I do get decent sleep (every three nights or so) I have weird vivid dreams and wake up feeling better than the morning before but still exhausted since I spent the entire night watching bizarre movies in my mind. I think this is my body's way of preparing me for the sleepless nights with Smidge... too bad it's decided to start my training so soon.

I'm not bitching or fishing for sympathy and really this doesn't make me like pregnancy any less I truly to love being pregnant, I'm just recording my experiences. Of course the fabulous advice that I continue to hear a few times a week - yes it's the dreaded "SLEEP" advice - is even harder to swallow when I am trying to sleep and CAN'T! I am a good girl though and continue to smile and nod when I hear it, I have yet to stomp on the persons foot or punch them in the gut (that just happens in my head). Okay maybe I am bitching a little.

I'm savoring what sleep I am getting knowing that it could be a whole lot worse. My friend Jess has 4 weeks to go and she can't sleep for longer than 5 minutes at a time (that's not an exaggeration) thanks to a back that is causing her horrible pain; I think she should carry a tazer with her to use on anyone who talks to her about how tired she is going to be when the baby comes. She couldn't be any more tired than she is now, five minutes sleep people: FIVE minutes. I'll be her sleepguard and will happily take care of the tazing if she wants.

Thankfully recent conversations with my many (relatively) new mom friends have decreased the sleep fear that some well-meaning people have put into my head. Some of the recent words of wisdom that have been passed my way include:

Keeping the baby in your room next to you often means breastfeeding while sleeping and whether you should technically do it or not it works really well. I'll add the disclaimer since I know there will be people shaking their heads and/or rolling their eyes: this works well for SOME people. Our new king size bed arrives this week - lots of room for all three of us. No I'm not planning on running the attachment parenting route but if getting some sleep means having the baby in bed with us for part of the night then move over Mike!

A LaZBoy in the baby's room is lifesaver: our new LaZboy style recliner glider arrives this week. Seriously.

Sleep when the baby sleeps actually does work for many people! Woot woot! I was told by three different new moms that as long as you're willing to give up having a clean house this is totally doable and a complete lifesaver. I'm hoping to breastfeed and since my understanding is that new babies spend most of their time sleeping and eating I'll be trying to mimic the babe's schedule. Considering I'm not starting off with an overly clean house I think this is definitely one thing I can sacrifice.

Set ground rules, have a GO AWAY (in nicer words) sign for the front door and don't answer the phone unless you want to. Three things which I have every intention of doing.

Please cross your fingers and toes for me: a new bed this week might mean lots of sleep!
If you have any suggestions for getting sleep when the baby arrives I'm willing to listen: leave me a comment but don't take it personally if I hear your advice but don't follow it. :)

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